Bob McDonnell is poised to betray VA’s pro-life Republicans

Last week, we mentioned Virginia’s informed consent ultrasound bill (link below).

The bill is almost ready for signing and Governor McDonnell is presumably, trying to think of ways to provide for an “opt-out” or some other nonsense that would render the bill null and void.

I strongly encourage Governor McDonnell to not stab his colleagues in the back over a bill that he has championed.

The reason republicans have so badly lost the messaging war on this . . . IS MCDONNELL’S FAULT.  The bill has been under fire for a week now from every MSNBC talking head imaginable.  Not once has the leader of our party in Virginia come out in strong support of the bill.  Not once has he even said that no “probe” is required in the language of the statute.  Not once has he mentioned the fact that the most invasive probe in an abortion procedure is the abortion probe in the woman.  Not once has he looked like a leader.

The question is whether Mr. McDonnell represents people like us who elected him as AG and Governor, or whether he is beholden to media clowns like Al Sharpton and Rachael Maddow.  I can assure him that they will never vote for him no matter what he does.  This is a bill that he championed.  This is the kind of stuff that he used to introduce when he was in the state legislature.

I truly hope that Mr. McDonnell has not lost his zest for passing legislation that protects women and children alike.

As someone who made phone calls for Mr. McDonnell, walked up and down cold streets in past Octobers for Mr. McDonnell and has given up entire weekends for Mr. McDonnell, I expect better than this.  I expect more than this.  This kind of indecisive weakness is not what we are accustomed from seeing from him.

As a Virginia voter, I call on Mr. McDonnell to:

1.)    Defend the bill – make the case for it for heaven’s sake;

2.)    Sign the bill

3.)    Do not amend it.  Do not put extraneous restrictions on it.  Sign it as is.

Mr. McDonnell should feel assured that this is the kind of decision that will show (1) Virginians looking for a Senator to defeat Mark Warner that we can trust him and (2) republicans looking for an excuse to vote for Romney in November’s presidential election, that we can count on the VP, even if we can’t count on Romney.

4 thoughts on “Bob McDonnell is poised to betray VA’s pro-life Republicans

  1. Haha, once again, griffin, you find yourself to the right of even the staunchest republicans. Has it ever once crossed your mind that perhaps you’re the extremist?

    • Christians have a responsibility to speak as the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves, whether some label it extreme or not. To me the issue is whether I am right or wrong. Abolition was once an extreme position.

      Second, an ultrasound isn’t extreme. These types of restrictions are mandatory all over the country. Third, abortions take place through the vaginal canal. Opponents of this bill don’t like that it takes a swipe at the right to abortion, they don’t care that it is invasive. Abortion by definition is unnatural, uncomfortable and invasive.

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