The Democrat War on Women

Round 1 – Republicans win on the First Amendment

A few weeks ago, President Obama, Kathleen Sebelius and Health and Human Services came out with the announcement that America’s churches would be forced to buy contraceptives and chemical abortions for the employees staffing their various outreach ministries.

As church goers know, the ministries are part of the Church and cannot be separated any more than the Sunday school classes can be separated from the main service.  My home Church provides ministry’s with staff workers that provide a place for the homeless to stay, the poor to eat, men dealing with alcoholism to get away and a pregnancy center for unwed mothers to live and work.

Although the church is protestant, I can tell you that they will not be enthused about funding chemical abortions by government mandate in violation of the First Amendment.

This entire issue was caused by the Obama Administration’s intent to put politics before the Constitution.  Republicans, as the defenders of the Constitution, easily won round 1, standing up for religious liberties.

Round 2 – Democrats win by making this about Contraception

After Obama backed off his hard-line stance, he began getting cover from the left.

But something strange happened.  It was historically different, as republicans have always been better at controlling the 24-news cycle narrative.  Democrats, out of thin air, created a narrative that stuck — that this was about contraception.

Although not ONE SINGLE Washington Republican was on record opposing contraception, the democrats started pounding out the talking points that their was a “war on women.”  Since then, democrats opinion makers have ran with it without looking back.

Round 3 – The Republicans war on women

Democrats found their narrative and figured the truth wouldn’t matter if they could drive their point home.  Their  must have been DNC talking points going out because all of these “leaders” were following the same command.

“The Republican War on Women” – Huffington Post, 2/15/2012

“One Million Strong Against the Republican war on women”  – Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, online fundraiser page

Republicans Wage War on Women” – The Baltimore Sun, 2/28/2012

“The GOP’s War on Women makes me feel ‘unwelcome in my hometown'”, The Raw Story, 03/07/2012

War on women” phrased used by Ed Schultz on MSDNC on 03/08/12; Shultz conducted a dial in “poll” on 2/17 asking “Will the Republicans war on women hurt them at the polls?”

“We`re back with the impact the GOP war on women‘s right”, stated by Al Sharpton on his MSNBC television program on 03/02/12

“The GOP war on birth control” – written by Rachael Maddow on the Washington Post, 02/10/12

“The Republican war on women.”  – in an E-mail soliciting signatures and money to donors by House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi

The question really is finding a Democrat opinion-maker who hasn’t used the poll tested phrase in recent weeks.   There has been a truly concerted effort to lie to America’s women about republicans in order to have a monopoly over women voters in 2012.  This in the wake of ultra conservatives like Rick Santorum on this issue who said he had no interest and would not overturn contraception laws.

Why are democrats repeating this mantra?  It is simple, they are slowly losing on abortion.

The pro-life movement has had their rear ends handed to them in the national public square over the past few weeks.  First came Komen for the Cure who, through cowardice has alienated both pro-aborts and pro-lifers.  Second, came Obama’s abortion and contraception mandate.  Then dems successfully lied and even got Bob McDonnell to quake in his boots over Virginia’s informed consent ultrasound bill.  Nationally, there hasn’t been much to celebrate.  Currently, they are trying to take down Rush Limbaugh over his verbal misstep.  But the real story is that pro-aborts know they are losing ground.

In 2011, only 600 bills meant to protect women and their unborn children were introduced in state legislatures.

In 2012, over 1,000 bills have been introduced to protect women and the unborn.  Over 60 of those bills have become law.

The reality is that democrats are on the wrong side of a moral issue that history will judge them for.  They have big money, media mega phones, celebrities and our nation’s leaders all opposing the protection of life.

After the first 20 or 30 years of watching Washington republicans lie about how they were going to change it, people started changing it at the state level.

What scares democrats is that unlike issues like the Iraq war, support hasn’t come from the top-down.  Right wing, TV, radio and print media almost never discuss abortion.  Yet, there is an all out assault on the taking of life at the state level.  This is a grassroots movement across the entire US and with all of their vast resources, democrats have only been able to pick and choose which fights to take up.  The wave of pro-life legislation is too great.

The “war on women” nonsense has been a concerted effort to turn public opinion against local lawmakers so that they can once again gain pro-abort majorities in the state houses.

The Democrat War on Women

Republican pro-life legislation is the only thing protecting America’s women from abortion clinics  that aren’t regulated by the same standards of cleanliness as hospitals.

Pro-life legislation is the only thing clamping down on late-term abortions, which if mishandled, can easily puncture a woman’s uterus, rendering her unable to bear future children.

It is the only thing standing between women and the chance of increased breast cancer being linked to abortions.

It is the only thing standing between women and Post Abortion Syndrome.

Republicans are the only thing standing between the Democrat’s zest for abortion rights and the hundreds of thousands of baby girls and future women of America that will be aborted in 2012.

There hasn’t been one republican that has attacked women.  Santorum hasn’t.  Congressional republicans haven’t.  Rush Limbaugh hasn’t attacked women.

The attack on women is coming from the left side of the aisle in their concerted effort to mislead women on the facts of abortion and the facts about the laws being passed.

Round 4

Pro-life activists have not been phased by their defeats.  They are more emboldened than ever.  With a million babies terminated each year, they have nothing to lose.  Pro-aborts are worried for good reason.

17 thoughts on “The Democrat War on Women

    • Wow. If I was in your office and said that, you’d never let me get away with it! How does my race or sex impair my ability to pontificate on what is just and unjust? It is akin to saying only slaves and slave owners could have an opinion on slavery. White northerners were the greatest abolitionists and part of the reason why is because they were far enough removed from the situation to evaluate it without bias.

      I don’t ever want to hear you say that stealing is wrong, because you aren’t indigent and you wouldn’t understand their plight.

      I just don’t understand how an honest person can really use that as an argument. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that you’re messing with me. Trying to get me riled up. It worked.

      Finally, I will have a daughter in 80 days, then I’ll just be a white man and you’re argument against me will only be half true.

      • You’re absolutely entitled to your opinion, but you also need to realize that your perspective is limited.

        I’m comfortable with saying that there is something unseemly about a bunch of white males deciding what health care options women should have.

        I like the proposed amendment by one of Virginia’s two female senators which would have required rectal colonoscopy for any guy seeking ED treatment.

  1. “Republican pro-life legislation is the only thing protecting America’s women from abortion clinics that aren’t regulated by the same standards of cleanliness as hospitals.”

    Well if it were’nt for Republican pro-life legislation we could probably perform abortions in hospitals, so it’s kind of a circular argument, isn’t it?

    • So republicans are to blame for the unsanitary conditions that abortion clinics perform their procedures in? Hmm….. Women’s health clinics exist not because of republicans but for the same reason as dentist’s offices, eye clinics and family practitioner’s office exists. Many abortions are performed in hospitals.

      I understand what you’re saying. But I think it is a stretch to try to use the unintended consequences argument against republicans.

      • Haha, I didn’t say that Republicans were to blame for the unsanitary conditions at abortion hospitals, but I do think that it’s disingenous for pro-lifers to go on and on about women’s health as if that was what they really cared about. You have to keep in mind, Griffin, that I was raised in the Southern Baptist Church, and not even a decade ago I held views that were very similar to yours. So I understand and respect, without necessarily agreeing with, the view that life begins at conception. That’s a personal conviction that everyone has to reach for themselves, and there’s really not a lot of room in the middle for debate or compromise. However, having experienced the debate from both sides, I have no problem calling BS when I hear pro-lifers using “women’s health” as an argument against abortion, because I know that if you’re honest you think abortion should be disallowed even where the life of the mother is at stake. So I just wish that you would keep the focus on unborn babies and quit pretending to care about the women who are seeking abortions. That would be intellectually honest, as opposed to this half-hearted defense of women’s health that you have cooked up for purely political reasons.

      • You know, in your heart, that is disingenuous. The GOP, in passing these bills (whether it’s requiring certain standards at clinics, requiring ultrasound, the personhood stuff, the defunding of Planned Parenthood, the waiting periods, whatever), is motivated by one thing and one thing only — to make it harder, more expensive and more uncomfortable for women to have an abortion. You and they can pay lip service to it all you/they want, but they don’t give a damn about women’s health … and women know that.

  2. I also think Obama may be two steps ahead of the GOP on this one. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if he foresaw and counted on the backlash from his initial proposal, just so he could walk it back, look like the only adult in the room, show the extremism of some on the right, and resecure the women’s vote.

    It’s an old Bush tactic … stake out an extreme position, then appear to compromise when the other side objects, and still wind up with a policy that’s pretty far to the right.

  3. Let’s have a Committee hearing on contraception and have no women testify. Good idea there. And the GOP is protecting women?

  4. Let’s have a Committee hearing on contraception, have no women testify, then claim that we are protecting women’s health. Kind of a disjointed narrative, no?

  5. NO! No hearings were held on contraception. NO ONE was questioning Griswold. No one. The question was whether religious affiliates should be forced to pay for health insurance plans that are diametrically opposed to their religious beliefs. There isn’t a single U.S. Senator or Congressmen that would outlaw contraceptives. No rights were being taken, it was a question of creating new rights at the expense of religious institutions.

    Democrats have won the narrative because republicans quickly pivoted back to the economy.

    Second, I will not concede that I or other pro-lifers don’t care about women. In 2008, Gallup found that 43% of women were pro-life while 50% of women were pro-choice. 2009 and 2010 seem to be moving in the rightward direction. Democrats don’t have a monopoly on caring for women. Yes, the main purpose of the legislation is to stop the taking of life. But every year we learn more and more of the negative impact abortion has on women — physically and psychologically, short and long term. I can tell you that I do care about what happens to women and that:

    1) Women are often treated like they are on an assembly line at abortion clinics;
    2) They go through a deeply invasive, surgical procedure and are then sent home alone with some pain killers; and
    3) They don’t have the proper emotional support necessary to get through such a traumatic scenario.

    Finally, my perspective may be limited, but that is simply an attempt to discredit me. It does nothing to undermine my position. This purpose of this article isn’t to claim that I have unique perspective, it is to build support for a scientific, moral and political policy position.

    As soon as male health care options include the destruction of uniquely created DNA human life, I’ll be on board with rectal exams. Until that point, republicans at the state level are going to continue to gain support as you would say, the adults in the room, while their state counterpart opponents act like bitter losers with nothing to bring to the table.

    • I would absolutely agree that pro-lifers do not NOT care about women. They care only about abortion. It is really a war on abortion, not a war on women. It just so happens that women’s preventative health, women’s finances, women’s freedoms and women’s privacy from invasive mandated procudures are mere collateral damage.

      • I understand what you’re saying and certainly the entire reason we started getting involved was to stop and lower the number of deaths. But I still disagree. The most I can say is that pro-choicers are looking out for a women’s societal well being whereas pro-lifers are looking to take care of their physical well being. I also have a hard time swallowing the talking point that Democrats care about women when most abortions are of females rather than males.

  6. I must say, as a woman on the far left, who pays little attention to the mainstream media, your article made me feel a little less scared. It made me realize that much the scary stuff that has been seeping through the cracks to get to my attention about the republican attack on women’s rights is not real. It is just political bullshit. Democrats and Republicans are equally guilty in that arena. But the main problem I have with your argument is you make it out to seem like the pro-life agenda is to protect women’s health. Post-abortion syndrome and other health risks of abortion are real and should be addressed. But no sensible person would really believe that making abortion illegal will make women safer. You make a decent argument that the way abortions tend to be done at clinics is not ideal. So why not argue for them to be done only in hospitals? Why not argue that we should mandate follow up counseling for women who have had an abortion? Why not argue for more sex education (FOR MEN AND WOMEN) to avoid unwanted pregnancy in the first place? But outlawing a HEALTH procedure because you do not agree with the protocol of the procedure…That’s backwards.

    • I truly appreciate the sincere comments. You are right in asserting that the lifeblood of the pro-life movement has always been to protect the life of the unborn first and foremost. Fortunately, as time has gone by, we have learned that the two objectives or protecting life and women’s health are not mutually exclusive. Abortion is never a truly safe procedure to perform on a woman.

      It is for a host of overwhelming reasons that I advocate a 100% pro-life position. While hospital abortions would be safer for women, it would still result in the loss of life.

      I would never couch this debate in terms of “outlawing a health procedure.” A health procedure shouldn’t take an innocent human life. I honestly don’t care what you do with your body, but I do have an obligation to give voice to those who have no voice. This isn’t about restricting your rights, it is about saving lives.

      If abortion is the issue, I certainly understand supporting democrats — they are the party of abortion. But there isn’t another issue where they have truly stood for women. Sure, they pass laws like the Lily L Act, but that is creating niches for rights that already exist.

      But know that republicans don’t want to take away contraception as it is a medical necessity for many women and I do not advocate taking that away as many democrats would have women believe.

      As a man, I can never truly understand what it is like to discover that you are pregnant and have few options. However, I still believe that the human baby inside of the mother has to have a legally protected right to life as the Fourteenth Amendment establishes. I wouldn’t be worried right now if I were you because most republicans aren’t truly opposed to abortion. In any case, I hope you realize that we are not against you, we simply care about the unborn.

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