Richard Mourdock running against children

The Republican candidate for US Senate in the great state of Indiana needs conservative back-up.  Earlier this week, Mr. Mourdock, a follower of Jesus Christ in his private life, stated that “even if life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that is something that God intended to happen.” 

Not surprisingly, the party of abortion has responded with an unethical, untruthful and malicious smear-campaign to drag this man through the mud.  His only crime?  Believing in the words of the apostle Paul, who wrote to the Romans that “ALL things work together for those who love God.”

They are trying to make this campaign about the fact that he likes abortion or something impossible to follow.    

Now, Democrats are doing what Democrats do.  They are demonizing those who stand up for innocent life.  Candidate Joe Donnelly and his pro-abort allies have unsheathed their swords for this pro-life candidate.  To be sure, Joe Donnelly is in the ranks of unicorns and Sasquatch . . . He is part of the group of mythical pro-life democrats.  You know who they are.  We often hear reports of them being on the campaign stump.  We hear about a sighting on the news.  Yet, when the voting commences, we never seem to be able to catch one in the act of protecting life. 

These same D’s are now doing their best childhood impressions.  They are tattling on Mourdock to voters, rushing out to tell them what Mourdock said.  They couldn’t wait.  They are giddy with excitement that R’s love rape and so does their God.    

Politics is a blood sport.  But I still like to think that good Christian men and women have a chance to speak openly about their faith in God, the horrible events that happen in this world and how they relate, without being demonized as monsters.  But D’s have a Senate to hold and they aren’t going to let ethics stand in their way.

As a an avid promoter of the right to life, I am sickened by these attacks and you should be to.  Richard Mourdock, now more than ever, needs our support.  Through our prayers, donations and volunteer work, maybe we can put a good man in Congress.

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